Hardening of stainless steel without distortion

With traditional thermal treatments procedures, dimensional and shape changes (distortion) represent a major challenge in the hardening of steel components. Distortion occurs on hardening thanks to the conversion of austenite into Martensite and the increase in volume associated with this process. But uneven cooling, released processing tensions, unfavorable component cross-sections and applied welding tensions will also encourage processes for dimensional and shaping change. This problem becomes more critical with the increasing complexity of the parts to be treated.


  • The BORINOX® TREATMENT FOR STAINLESS STEEL HARDENING is extremely dimensionally stable and distortion-free. Even sensitive components with large cross-section differences do not represent a problem for successful hardening.
  • The special BORINOX® procedure designed specifically for stainless steel is carried out below 400 °C.
  • All components can be manufactured to their finished dimensions and no subsequent processing is required.
  • Dimensional and shaping changes, familiar from other thermal treatment procedures such as traditional hardening, nitriding or carburizing, do not occur.
  • Expensive processing consequences, such as the manufacturing of smaller components, coating (chrome-plating, nickel-plating, armoring, thermal spraying) and extensive subsequent grinding of the surface are not required.

 Distortion-free hardening of stainless steel

In order to work economically, methods of hardening steel are required which both prevent distortion and save work. The BORINOX® procedure is suitable for hardening many stainless steel types whilst continuing to maintain corrosion resistance. Distortion is prevented by the extremely low treatment temperature during the process.

Are you looking for an excellent wear protection solution for your stainless steel products with distortion risks? The BORINOX® treatment is the ideal solution!