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BorTec Group of Companies

BorTec is an owner-managed group of companies with production sites in Germany, Canada and the USA. We specialize in the surface treatment of components to reduce wear and improve corrosion protection by coating steel.

We stand for

Competent advice

We always find the optimal solution for you free of charge for various processes! We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with the highest quality products and services while providing the greatest value.

High flexibility

A plant capacity adapted to the needs at our locations allows us to react flexibly to volatile project requirements of our customers. For best quality and reliable delivery times!

High efficiency

Our processes, services and products result in a significant increase in the life of customer components. With our processes, we conserve resources and our environment, and keep investment costs low.

Quality and innovation

Our sites are audited and certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and have an alternative energy management system. We actively research projects with international universities and industry partners and develop new solutions for the challenges of our future.

Environmentally conscious

We have been using certified green electricity as an energy source in our operations for years. We have substituted fossil fuels and do not use them. In addition, we are a qualified recycling company for boronizing agents and offer this service worldwide.

Fair employer

We recognize the value and contribution of each employee and care about their health, safety and well-being and that of their families. We take responsibility for our daily work, in our dealings with each other, our customers and in communities.

BorTec Hürth



BorTec GmbH near Cologne, Germany, is the European branch specialized in the service of BORONIZING (BOROCOAT®) and the production and sale of BORONIZING AGENTS (EKABOR®). The central development and quality laboratory of the BorTec Group is also located in this branch.

BorTec SMT



BorTec SMT GmbH & Co. KG in Euskirchen is the specialized site in Europe where the BORINOX® process for hardening stainless steel is carried out. Related heat treatments such as NITRIDING / NITROCARBURIZING are also offered here.

BorTec Calgary



BorTec North America Ltd. provides boronizing (BOROCOAT®) and electroless nickel (NICKELCOAT®) services for the North American region. Boronizing agents of the EKABOR® range are supplied to the North American region from the spacious warehouse in Calgary.

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Johnson City


BorTec USA will specialize in the boronizing of pipes for oil and gas production. Furthermore, we will offer nitriding/nitrocarburizing and the BORINOX® process for hardening stainless steel here.